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Adjustable Pedestal Seat
Item #: R11A-9937
Price: $189.00


Adjusting from a completely flat position to 90 degrees upright, the control post guarantees complete custom-like comfort during even the longest days on the water. The secret to its unmatched adjustability is an innovative ball mount. Simply loosen a friction knob on the rear of the mount and effortlessly position the cushioned seat anywhere you desire, upright for superb lower back support or at an angle to take pressure off your legs. The die-cast aluminum power rise pedestal offers instant height adjustment (35-1/2" to 39") at the touch of a two-way lever. It's machined to .002 tolerance for wobblefree performance. Plugs securely into any spring-lock base that accepts a 1.77" pedestal post. TAN ONLY. TAN ONLY.