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Durasafe Universal Coupler Lock
Item #: R11A-9974
Price: $20.00


The DuraSafe Universal Coupler Lock features a revolutionary universal design that allows the lock to be used on anything with a ¼” opening and from 1/2” to 3-3/8” wide. It includes 18 different incremental adjustments to easily fit every coupler on the market. Replace standard padlocks with the Universal Coupler Lock for a nice snug fit. The lock features reversible keys for easy insertion and a fail-safe locking system that won’t allow the key to be removed unless in the locked position. The Coupler Lock: • Fits every coupler on the market from ½” to 3-3/8” and any size in between • Not spring loaded – the unique rotating stainless steel cam positions the lock head into incremental grooves providing maximum security • Unique design replaces the standard coupler lock that has a fixed width • Takes the guesswork out of having to know what width coupler lock you need because it fits everything • 1/8” incremental adjustments offer a tight fit against the coupler latch • Lock head slid